Level: Intermediate, Version: FM 13 or later

Scrolling the Unscrollable

Demo file: scrolling-the-unscrollable-v2.zip


Howard Schlossberg’s presentation on popovers (FileMaker 13 Popovers) has inspired me on multiple occasions… a favorite takeaway is the idea that you can have a scrolling check box set within a popover.

The trick is to size the field as tall as necessary to display all the values (this is an extreme proof of concept with several hundred entries), but the popover itself can be whatever height you wish.


Note that initially you will need to size the popover tall enough to encompass the field containing the check boxes… then, once the field is properly sized within the popover, you can change the height of the popover. Just don’t move the field once you’ve done so.

And here it is in browse mode.


Thank you also to Rob Russell for pointing out that a. you can scroll other “unscrollable” fields, such as static containers, and b. that they can be scrolled both horizontally and vertically.


8 thoughts on “Scrolling the Unscrollable”

  1. Thank you for the technique although I can’t think of an appropriate use since the field value(s) remain(s) hidden.

    1. Hi Mauricio,

      The demo file has been updated to v2 to show one way to display checked items. The underlying calc uses FilterValues and ValueListItems to ensure selected items appear in alphabetical order rather than in the order checked. Hope this helps.


  2. Thank you for this tip and demo file. I decided to apply this concept to card windows and it worked. I created a layout large enough to contain the whole checkbox field. In the card window script I created, I sized the card window to 400 x 400 pts. The result was a scrolling card window.

  3. Pretty awesome hack. Unfortunately if you set it to 5,000px, the scroll will be that far and show empty lines at the bottom…but it’s way better than nothing.

    Still works in 20.1.2.

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