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JSONQuery at FM-DiSC

When / Who / Where

On Friday, January 14, Steve Senft-Herrera and I presented JSONQuery at FM-DiSC (FileMaker Developers in Southern California).

Useful Links

Recording of the presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dztdZrHdrUQ

Current version of JSONQuery:  CF_JSONQuery_20211130_0120_PUBLIC.fmp12.zip

Our recent two part in-depth interview series:

Coming soon: Steve Senft-Herrera’s demo file from the presentation

Kevin Frank’s demo file from the presentation: jsonquery-sandbox.zip

More information re: JSON + FileMaker:

7 thoughts on “JSONQuery at FM-DiSC”

    1. Thanks, Ben! I will be working on the remaining QA for the upcoming version this weekend. I think that after that plus one more weekend of similar work, it will be ready for release. Glad you are interested in the PATH function. It was your comment on the first post in the series that inspired it!

  1. Is there a repository for getting the latest version of JSONQuery or do individuals need to come to this site to download the file?

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