Level: Intermediate

Google Route Mapping, part 2

Those of you who attended DevCon 2011 in San Diego may recall meeting Andries Heylen of BH&A, who cheerfully answered questions in the FileMaker Visionary Bar. Well, from the sow’s ear demo I posted in part 1, Andries has woven a silk purse (google-route-mapping-part-2), which I am sharing with his permission, and which uses Google “waypoints” to produce an optimized travel route.

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Level: Beginner, Version: FM 8 or later

Google Route Mapping, part 1

The other day someone asked a question on the FMP Experts list about plotting a driving route in Google Maps using FileMaker data.

Mark Rubenstein posted a simple solution, and my reactions were, in this order: “No way, it can’t possibly be this easy; I should build a demo (google-route-mapping) to find out; wow, it really works… hey, I wonder if he’d be okay with me posting this on FileMaker Hacks?” Continue reading “Google Route Mapping, part 1”