Level: Intermediate, Summary List, Version: FM 13 or later, Virtual List

FM 13: Summary List + Virtual List

Recently a question came up on the FMP Experts list re: the possibility of displaying a found set of customers in 3 columns in browse mode in FileMaker 13. While FileMaker doesn’t naturally display data this way, there are various ways to trick it into doing so, and today we’re going to look at a method that combines the new-in-13 Summary List field type with the Virtual List technique.

Demo file: FM 13 Summary List + Virtual List

2-1-2014 10-03-20 PM

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Level: Intermediate, Summary List, Version: FM 13 or later

Summary List Fields in FM 13, part 2

Welcome back for our second look at the new summary list field type in FileMaker 13. Today we have three demo files…

…which in addition to summary lists, utilize a couple other new-in-13 features: popovers and conditional invisibility. As in part 1, the core technique uses a summary list to facilitate relational found-set awareness (in demos 1 & 2). We’ll also apply a modified version of the technique to SQL queries (in demo 3).

Demo 1: FM 13 Summary List – MLK, v2  (reminder: we saw v1 in part 1)

1-19-2014 9-41-31 PM

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